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EC Designs is a custom home design and complete house drafting service dedicated to drawing smart and unique custom home plans. Designing a unique custom home for you and your family is often a once in-a-life-time experience.

EC Designs are more than happy to work with your design or ours, and design a custom built home to suit your life style and needs within a budget.

With over ten years of experience, we can take your design and turn it into your custom dream home. EC Designs will make it easy for you to view your dream home even before construction begins.

Our Process

Initial Consultations

During the initial consultation, we will take your ideas and turn them into your dream home. As the design materializes, we can make revisions to fit your lifestyle, property and budget.

Design Completion and Review

When the preliminary design is completed, the plans will be evaluated with you for any further revisions. When the drawings are finalized and approved, your construction drawings will then be produced.

Custom Plan Cost

The cost of a custom home plan is typically based on the square footage. The cost varies from forty to fifty cents per square foot of floor area and a developed basement varies from twenty to thirty cents per square foot of developed space. The price range will depend on the complexity of the home design, design criteria, and site conditions. When all design specifications are established, a final price may be determined.